• Stubborning Our Way Through: Breastfeeding and NICU

    Posted by: Erica Parrill

    In total, we spent 56 days in the NICU at the IWK. I fought to breastfeed. I got clogged ducts. I even went back to work for a short period. It was exhausting, but the support of the nurses and my husband certainly pulled me through. Read More...

  • I support you... all of you

    Posted by: Andreae Callanan

    I've had people describe me as “pro-breastfeeding” before, and of course I am, but that doesn't mean I'm anti-everything else. If I'm pro-sandwich, does that mean I'm anti-soup? Of course not. Read More...

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Early skin-to-skin contact is important for moms and babies

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New research from St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia confirms that skin-to-skin contact in the time after birth is good for moms and babies. This new research supports previous research in this area. The researchers have developed a DVD for health care workers and mothers about skin-to-skin contact.

Read more about this topic in the following news item.

For more detailed information about this research and to view the DVDs see the following link.

Early skin-to-skin contact is important for moms and babies

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