• Stubborning Our Way Through: Breastfeeding and NICU

    Posted by: Erica Parrill

    In total, we spent 56 days in the NICU at the IWK. I fought to breastfeed. I got clogged ducts. I even went back to work for a short period. It was exhausting, but the support of the nurses and my husband certainly pulled me through. Read More...

  • I support you... all of you

    Posted by: Andreae Callanan

    I've had people describe me as “pro-breastfeeding” before, and of course I am, but that doesn't mean I'm anti-everything else. If I'm pro-sandwich, does that mean I'm anti-soup? Of course not. Read More...

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Starting Solids: New to Our Resource Page

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There are a number of reasons why you should wait until six months to introduce solid foods into your baby’s diet. For many families, that first spoonful of solids is a cause for celebration. This is the beginning of meals together and many shared celebrations. How your baby eats now will help build the foundation for healthy eating habits for life.

But, what to start baby on? When? And how? What are signs your baby is ready to start solids and why might you decide to wait? How can you tell when your baby is ready to try a new food or texture and how you do know when they are full?

Feeding Your Baby: 6-12 months is the latest resource added to our site. This booklet, prepared by the Department of Health, answers the above questions and more.

If you think your baby is ready to start solids, you should take a look at this resource to guide you in this newest journey in your family life.

Starting Solids: New to Our Resource Page

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